Grand Battle


Mini-Grand 5110



Date Started

October 4, 2011

Current Round


Mini-Grand 5110 is the tenth Mini Grand in the 5100 Series, created by Solaris. This battle is themed around a Pokémon equivalent. Each character is given a creature to aid them in the battle. If the creature dies they do too.

The battle was originally located here.


Player CharactersEdit

Character Player
Tulip Johnson Dragon Fogel
Lady Jaska Von Til'Defal Ixcalibur
Burgrar Agent1022
Golus kabbage


Round 1 - Auburn ForestEdit

Dead Character: Golus

An autumn forest filled with pokemonesque creatures and trainers looking to do battle. All the contestants get battlemonsters. Jaska has a proposal for Golus but it is cut short as her battlemonster shatters the golem in the belief that it is protecting her.

Round 2 - Chrome CityEdit


The largest city in the country. Everyone has battlemonsters. There's probably a battlemonster gym and an incompetant crime team around the place somewhere.

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