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Arkal of the Silver Anvil


Dragon Fogel






The Grand Battle (Season 2)



Arkal of the Silver Anvil is a character in The Grand Battle (Season 2).



Great strength and endurance, a powerful hammer (though he prefers to use it for forging rather than combat), and the ability to make a weapon out of almost any materials that happen to be lying around. He is also fairly adept at using various types of weapons, but doesn't trust any weapon he didn't forge himself.


A large, muscular man with a long white beard. He carries a forge and anvil on his back, because he doesn't believe in leaving his equipment behind. Ever. (Yes, he's that strong.) He takes blacksmithing very seriously. And if you insult his weapons, you'd better be prepared to show him that yours are better.


Arkal is a master blacksmith, and ever since his younger days, he has preferred to demonstrate the superiority of his crafted weapons by using them in combat. He has spent decades perfecting his craft, and is very well-renowned on his home world. He never liked to stay in one spot for very long, so he started carrying his anvil and forge around so that he could work wherever he needed to. (He didn't particularly like riding horses, either.)

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