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Grand Battle Wiki is an encyclopedia containing information about the Grand Battles, a series of writing battles in which the winner is decided not by their skill with swords but by their skill with words.

Canon Battles

Grand Battles Season 1 The Grand Battle   •The Grand Battle II   •Battle Royale   •Pitched Combat   •Intense Struggle   •The Battle Majestic   •Epic Clash   •The Savage Brawl   •Grand Battle All-Stars
Grand Battles Season 2 Grand Battle S2G1   •Inexorable Altercation   •The Battle Royale S2   •The Gradual Massacre   •Intense Struggle S2   •The Phenomenal Fracas   •The Fatal Conflict   •The Great Belligerency
Grand Battles Season 3 Grand Battle S3G1The Spectacular ExhibitionThe Relentless SlaughterPetty SquabbleThe Glorious ChampionshipThe Vivacious DeadlockThe Wretched RiteThe Fearsome Encounter

Debatably-Canon Battles

Grand Battles Season Unknown GBS?G1   •Sublime Showdown  •The Atavist's Tryst  •The Daunting Affray

Season Intermission

Season Intermission LAST THING STANDING   •Vendetta  •DEATHGAME 9000  •MORITURI TE SALUTANT  •QUIETUS  •Journal of Sociology  •The BATTLE of the CENTURY  •The $300,000 Fight-A-Thon


Mini-Grands 5101   •5102   •5103   •5104   •5105   •5106   •5107   •5108   •5109   •5110   •5111   •5112   •5113

Why does this exist? This information is all available elsewhere!

Convenience. Rather that having various profiles scattered across multiple pages of multiple threads, each of which is moving up and down in a forum, this wiki brings it all together in one easy-to-navigate package. Yes, there is some copypasta, but the point is to organize the existing information in a more convenient format.


  1. KICK: Keep It Consistent, Kid! The same style should be used across all pages covering the same type of topic: all characters should be the same, all battles should be the same, etc.
  2. For notability, just use some common sense. If you're not sure, do it anyway- the worst case scenario is it gets taken down.