Reudic Otsaceae




simultaneously male and female but not a hermaphrodite (a plant)




Intense Struggle S2



Reudic Otsaceae is a character in The Intense Struggle S2.



One (1) Skull of a greater horned terrax, one (1) strange metal object, and two (2) large crystals


Extraordinary mental capabilities, Mental Dominance, and the ability to induce realistic Psycho-Active Illusions in most living beings (though only has limited control as to what the illusion is).


Reduic appears to be a floating, overgrown rose bush; many rose-like flowers bloom across its many branching limbs, vines, and tendrils. One of the flowers going at the center of Reudic's "body" is a special organ that functions much like a mouth, in that it allows him to speak and communicate with others. It is also capable of mimicking a variety of noises that the special vibration-sensitive flowers that are spread across its form allows it to hear. Protecting its sensitive roots and digestive orifice are strong, sturdy vines that allow Reudic to entangle, suffocate and than slowly digest anything it can catch within them. These vines, as well as most of Reudic's hyper-motile "body", are about as strong as, if not stronger than an average humanoid's physical strength.


Reudic lived a life of solitude on its homeworld. Not so much because it desired to be alone, but because it was an outcast among its kind. Viridioflorans are, generally, a fairly simple race of hyper-motile, sentient, floating plants that are known for their intelligence and strong vines. They weren't, however, particularly known for their tolerance. Specifically their tolerance towards change, and Reudic's developing 'freakish' powers were quite a drastic change when compared to a normal health virdiofloran.

Reudic began to develop its abnormal illusory and mental-control abilities a short time after the 15th solar cycle since its germination in the soil that it would sprout from and eventually carry into the air. Subtle would have been the changes to an outsider, but to another viridiofloran, the difference changes were glaringly obvious. The chemicals that Reudic emitted, especially during those first the first few solar cycles, were so vastly different from a normal viridiofloran that it caused a large number of its own to shun and exile it. Several more solar cycles had passed since, and Reudic's emotional state had shifted all the way from anger and hatred to blind indifference and apathy. Reudic had learned to exist on only the most basic of biological levels, as well as honed his abilities to better aid his continued survival... Alone.

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