This character is dead. This character is no more! It has ceased to be! It's expired and gone to meet its maker! This is a late character! It's a stiff! Bereft of life, it rests in peace! It's shuffled off this mortal coil! This.... is an EX-CHARACTER!
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Samuel Therion






Human Karmist


The Grand Battle II



Samuel Therion is a character in The Grand Battle II.





As a Karmist, Samuel can sense and manipulate the flow of Karma through the use of a channel. The type of channel an individual Karmist may use varies from specific types of machinery or symbols, to generic concepts like hope or, in Samuel's case, death. The Karma of Samuel's world though, has much more powerful ramifications than the idea of karma we are familiar with here. It is a force that seeks equilibrium, and it underlies all physical and spiritual processes. Given the right conditions, a talented karmist can channel the flow of karma to produce whatever effect he desires. (Essentially Samuel can kill something and use the "potential energy" behind its death to produce typically unfeasible effects.)


Samuel is well dressed and groomed. He's clearly accustomed to living a lifestyle of luxury. He has a charming accent and appears easily likable at first glance. However, all of this is a facade. His ability has created within him an unnatural lust for power and a megalomaniacal self view. He has learned patience, however, and is quite calculating with how he uses his ability.


Many, many years ago, Samuel discovered his Karmic powers. At that time he was simply a normal man, subjected to cruel experiments by those who wished to know more about the nature of Karmic Humans. It was there, surrounded by the death and decay of the discarded corpses of failed experiments that Samuel first sensed power emanating from their mangled flesh. He managed to escape, and over time he grew accustomed to the intoxicating scent of death. He learned from experience, that by cutting off the life of someone young, who Karma had destined to live to a healthy old age, he could direct that loosed Karma, their youth, into himself, thereby prolonging his life and his health for ages. Presently Samuel enjoys a comfortable life behind the scenes. He has used his abilities, coupled with his experience and longevity to shape the formation of a puppet state which dictates the lives of countless citizens. He has wealth, comfort, and power on a global scale...and yet, he desires something more.

In The Grand Battle IIEdit


He acted like a jerk. Then he merged with Gestalt to be more powerful. Then he went insane. Then he shot himself.


Samuel shot himself with Maxwell's gun leaving behind trauma and relief in Round 4: Showtime.

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