Sir Arnold Scarlet








The Gradual Massacre



Sir Arnold Scarlet is a character in The Gradual Massacre.



He was a knight in King Arthur's court. He was sent on an a quest to slay a dragon, and on the way he was nearly hit by a strange meteor. When he went to look at it, he touched a strange goop, which made him immortal. He had to move from place to place every few years so people didn't see how he didn't age. He lived to modern times, and he has an apartment in Seattle. He's a cop instead of a knight but he still maintains his principles oh honor and protecting the innocent. He was on patrol when he vanished.


He is tall and strong, and he has a beard. He stopped wearing his armor to become a cop but he wouldn't give up his sword so they let him take it with him. He always wants to do the right thing and help people who need it.


He has a sword and a gun. He heals very fast and doesn't age.

In The Gradual MassacreEdit


Shut up Malky this guy was totally a real character. He wanted to unite everyone in happy union of peace and general teamfriendliness.


Sir Arnold was the "ninth contestant" on the Grand Massacre roster, authored by user Schazer under a pseudonym. His inclusion is exclusively for the purpose of showing off what a sadistic bastard The Controller is.

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