Grand Battle


The Grand Tweet



Date Started

May 29, 2010

Current Round


The Grand Tweet is a non-canon Grand Battle spin-off characterized by its short posts and fast pacing. Its first two rounds both ended in less than an hour each.


  • The Abrupt: The game's Grandmaster.
  • Al Langford (Pinary): A small-town mechanic with a robotic arm.
  • Trator (Schazer): A seven foot tall, reflective lizard.
  • Aquarius Solum (Dragon Fogel): A bottle of water. DEAD
  • Gary (g0m): A coffee machine with legs. DEAD
  • Doctor Moira Lain (Ixcalibur): An electric ghost.
  • Esthkart (Wojjan): A gargoyle.
  • William Dryfe (Lord Paradise): A pretentious poet.
  • Coco (Lisawags): A Coconut. DEAD


  1. Apartments: An apartment complex. After a brief skirmish Gary spilt coffee in Aquarius' bottle and boiled him alive.
  2. Dessert Land: A land made of candy. Battlers gorged themselves and then pursued each other. Dryfe feasted upon Coco's milk.
  3. Beardate: An MSPAFA Round. After some murders and elopement Lain started lightning storm. Greg stuck by same then died. Poet was sad.
  4. Heaven: The Cameos Round. A stereotypical heaven. Incomplete