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Higher Planar Entity


The Grand Battle (Season 2)



Xadrez is a character in The Grand Battle (Season 2).



A knife that, oddly enough, can slice cleanly through nonorganic substances, but cannot cut living things. It gives off a piercing scream when exposed to the air too long, so Xadrez normally just absent-mindedly embeds somewhere on its person. The spirit possesses a keen intellect befitting a grandmaster (the chess variety, not the Grand Battle sort ), a level head, and countless human lifetimes watching battles unfold, on a scale of duels to world wars.


This spirit is a strange blend of deities - of strategy, war, fate, and chess. His physical manifestation (oop, looks like we'll be using the male pronoun for convenience) is that of a circular slab of obsidian, about 3 metres in diameter, rotating slowly. Above this floats the vague shape of a spectral humanoid torso, rising about a metre and a half out of it, fairly devoid of detail, with a pair freakishly long, jointless limbs ending in an indeterminate amount of slender fingers. Its head is smooth and round like a typical alien's, with huge, solemn eyes and no mouth. He says little, and reveals even less about his observations of the battlefield - unless it makes tactical sense to. Xadrez is a master tactician, but also one who has learnt from observation rather than personal experience. Seeing how his tactics-crunching works while he himself is being calculated should prove interesting, to say the least. Tacit, and with every word carefully calculated for its impact upon the fight, Xadrez has made a living from treading lightly.


Xadrez spent most of its existence placidly observing the conflicts that occurred on the planet it watched over. Purely out of a desire to understand, it studied the pattern and dance and flow of men and weapons, and learnt over time to predict the movements of conflict. It carves all of its own board pieces from raw stone with his knife, and never removes a piece until certain of the demise of its representative. Sometimes, its predictions got so eerily accurate that it started to wonder whether it was manipulating the odds itself...

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